Virtual Therapy by Ella James

Privacy Policy & T&C

Privacy Policy:

  1. No Personal or Sensitive Data is used for marketing purposes. All data regarding treatment & payments are retained for 8 years under required legislation. 
  2. We have no control over your use of persona data by 3rd party servers you use. We recommend using encrypted mail services for return of documents. 
  3. Required signed documents do not contain identifying data.
  4. We take extra precaution to protect your privacy therefore all sensitive data held by EllaJamesTherapy & it’s Therapists is non identifiable by a managed secure office system with secure passwords.
  5. Payments or invoices do not specify the service taken. Payments are made via PayPal, of which you can print your own receipt. 
  6. Some unidentifiable sensitive data with gender & age but not Date of Birth will be shared with a qualified teacher/trainer & the BWRT Institute to enhance the best care. 
  7. It may be necessary to seek your Health Practitioner or Ward (if under the age of 18) for permission to treat in some cases only when treatment has been agreed. No information is retained should no therapy be undertaken. 
  8. You have the right to request all personal data held about you that we hold on file by emailing 14 days in advance  This is free but should postage or courier services occur, these are paid by the ‘Client’. 
  9. Services to 3rd parties requested by the client such as a letter for Court or Insurance Company will incur any ‘time’ administration fees caused to the Company EllaJamesTherapy. 
  10. By agreeing to our services be agreed you are confirming that you have read and agree with our Privacy Policy. 

Terms & Conditions 

  1. Free 30 minute consultation does not include ‘therapy’ of any kind but seeks to establish if our services are sufficient for the client. 
  2. All sessions are confirmed only in response to payment in full. 
  3. Any unpaid booking will be held for 2 hours maximum then released. 
  4. Cancellations made by the client within 48 hours are non refundable. 
  5. Cancellations made before 48 hours are refunded in full minus banking fees within 7 working days, if no future appointment is made. 
  6. No refunds are granted once a session has begun. 
  7. There is no continuation of the time allocated or discounted rates should the ‘client’ start late. 
  8. We are not responsible for ‘therapists’ & complaints should be referred to the therapists regulating body or membership. 
  9. All therapists upon the site are fully registered with membership bodies recognised by the
  10. We are not responsible for WiFi issues by the ‘Clients’ server however if proven to be the Therapists site, the remaining session will be granted free of charge dependent on the time lost i.e 25 minutes either immediately or another convenient time. 
  11. We do not text therapeutic advice but use FaceTime , WhatsApp or Skype for face to face appointed times. 
  12. No therapeutic advice will be given outside of appointments. 
  13. The Therapist can cease their services at any time if they conclude its in yours or their own best interest, however we will seek to refer a client if necessary. 
  14. The ‘client’ may cease their course at any time & any remaining ‘course fee’ minus ‘banking fees’ will be returned. 
  15. We are not responsible for your physical or mental health ailments relating to the past, current or future. 
  16. We do not give medical advice or prescribe medication. 
  17. We may inform you to visit your GP if we feel there might be a medical reason for your concerns. 
  18. We may advise you of other professions if we deem it may help such as ‘nutritionists or massage’ etc but we hold no responsibility for unaffiliated services & it is up to the ‘client’ to do their own research or seek the medical advice of their own GP. 
  19. We are unable to diagnose medical conditions.
  20. We do not claim to cure ailments but seek to aid recovery in any concerns you present with. 
  21. Assessments must be completed in full to ensure the client gets the best practise advice possible. 
  22. By paying for our services you have agreed with the above terms & conditions. 

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Tel/Whatsapp/Skype: +44 (0)7413 483483
8am-7pm    Advance booking confirmation required